LG 60UF7700 vs LG 60UH6550 Review : Which is a better?

LG 60UH6550 is part of UH6550 series, an entry level of LG’s 2016 4K TV lineup. But even so, although it is an entry level but the performance cannot be said mediocre. The advantage, it already supports HDR contents. S, what new features that offered by 60UH6550 and what are the differences to 60UF7700 that released in last year 2015. To know a lot, please check out the LG 60UF7700 vs LG 60UH6550 Review below, who knows t is in accordance with your criteria in searching 2016 model 4K TV or you even are interested to choose the older model. How much price is it for each? You need to know, when it was first released, 60UH6550 is sold about $1500 while at this time, 6UF7700 is sold abut about $300 cheaper. But of course this price is not fixed and could still change at any time and usually will tend to go down as time goes by especially for UH6550 as a new model.

LG 60UF7700 is a mid class of LG’s 2015 4K TV lineup. Picture quality that offered by LG 60UF7700 is average for overall but it is great for its class. And behind great picture quality that offered, there is great picture engine called Tru 4K Engine behind it. In addition clear and detail, the color of the picture that produced by 60UF7700 is saturated moreover there is Tru Color Generator technology behind it that makes the color that produced looks more accurate. But in term of contrast, the contrast that produced by LG 60UF7700 is not as strong as what produced by other model in its class from its competitor like Sony or Samsung. Although it is powered by Tru Black Control that designed to improve the black level, but as we know, the use of IPS panel can degrade black level of the picture, so this makes the contrast that produced is not too strong. But in other side, the use of IPS panel also has a positive impact on side viewing angle where it offers better side viewing angle than most other 4K TV model in its class. And the great 4K picture quality that produced by 60UF7700 is not only from native 4K contents but also from lower resolution. With Tru 4K Upscaler inside, the issue about the scarcity contents that available in the market is not big problem for it.

For producing clear and smooth picture quality when it is displaying video contents with fast motion scenes, LG 60UF7700 is powered by TruMotion 240 Hz that bases on native 120 Hz refresh rate panel. The result is great, when it is used for watching sport program or fast movies, the picture looks clear and smooth with virtually no motion blur. And of course this appropriately generated by a 120 Hz TV.

The other attractive point that offered by LG 60UF7700 is about smart TV Platform. As its platform, it features WebOS2.0 where it is simple and easy to use, moreover it is already powered by quad core processor that makes its performance faster and more responsive. Additionally, there are also a lot of interesting apps provide like Web Browser, Live TV, VoD premium service, and many more. The other interesting, 60UF7700 is equipped with LG’s magic remote in its buying package that makes you easier and more comfort to operate apps or TV functions.

LG 60UH6550 is part of UH6550 series, the entry end of LG 4K TV lineup that released in 2016. But even is, although it is including low series, but the picture that produced is great. Moreover, it already supports HDR contents that offer high detail picture quality. And behind brilliant 4K picture quality that offered by 60UH6550, there is UHD Mastering with HDR Pro as picture engine behind as.

In addition to its great picture engine, there are also the number LG’s most advanced technologies that improve the quality of the picture that produced. On contrast, LG 60UH6550 is powered by Local Dimming technology and Tru black Control that provider deeper black level. Otherwise, there is also Ultra Luminance that makes bright area of the picture look brighter. Combination between these technologies improves it contrast ratio and makes the contrast of the picture that displayed on 4K screen of 60UH6550 looks very strong. In term of color, LG 60UH6550 comes with quantum dot technology called Color Prime Pro that provides wider range of color gamut. Not only that, there is also Tru Color Accuracy technology that improves the accuracy of color. Combination between strong contrast and accurate color makes the picture that displayed on 4K screen of LG 60UH6550 looks very natural and looks more to live. And to prevent picture degradation when viewers watch from side angle, it also powered by IPS 4K panel.

LG 60UH6550 is also equipped with Tru 4K Upscaler engine that offers you to enjoy all videos contents with lower resolution in close to 4K quality amazingly on its 4K screen. For 480p content, the result may still look slight blurred but for 720p and above, the result is clear. But even so, in its class, its performance is still below Sony 4K TVs that offers best 4K Up-scaling engine,

When it is displaying contents with fast motion scenes, LG 60UH6550 is powered by TruMotion 120Hz that bases on native 60 Hz refresh rate panel. But like most 60Hz TV, motion blur may not be eliminated completely in certain scenes. But even so, although there is motion blur is still slight noticeable in certain scenes, overall what offered by 60UH6550 can be said great.

Talking about Smart TV, LG 60UH6550 features newer version of WebOS that is version 3.0. There are some updates software that makes performance better. Additionally, there is also some additional new features like Magic Mobile Connection and other that make you more comfort to operate. Apps that provided are also very complete. Like on 60UF7700, there are also premium VoD service, Web Browser, Live TV, and many other. But unfortunately, it is not equipped with LG Magic remote in its buying package, so you still need it, you must buy Magic remote separately.


As described above, the most advantages of LG 60UH6550 as a newer model than 60UF7700 is about picture performance. Contrast looks stronger with brighter peak white and deeper black level. As well as bout color performance, with Prime Color Pro technology, 60UH6550 also offers more accurate color and this will be more noticeable when they are produces hard-to-reproduce color. The other advantage is about HDR where LG 60UH6500 already supports HDR contents and combined with 4K resolution, this certainly will makes you more comfort to enjoy your favorite movies. But about motion clarity, LG 60UH6550 has lower native frequency of refresh rate panel that is 60Hz where LG 60UF7700 is powered by native 120 Hz refresh rate panel. Of course when they are displaying fast movies or spot program, the picture that produced by 60UH6550 is not as clear and smooth as what produced by 60UF7700 that has 120 Hz refresh rate panel. The other interesting point that offered by 60UH6550 as newer model is about smart TV where it features new version of WebOS that offers more responsive performance and some additional features.

So which is a better choice between them? As mentioned, in the market LG 60UH6550 is sold about $300 more expensive than the price of LG 60UF7700 but considering performance that offered, I think $300 is a decent value for all advantages of 60UH6550 to 60UF7700. Televisionreviewsdirect prefers the 60UH6550 to other one but its up to you to make your choice.

Soup and Salad Rice

Combine with soup and salad and you’ve got an outstanding meal ready without an excessive amount of work. Rice is a simple dish to cook perfectly, whenever and every moment, by simply following a particular technique whenever you cook your recipes. It can cook various forms of rice and has a fast cooking mode too. By utilizing this setting you’ll get your cooked rice in only 35 to 45 minutes. Brown rice is a minimal energy, large density food. Constant stirring is imperative to stop the rice from burning. Step one is to gauge the rice and degree off making use of a chopstick.

Both cookers are offered at a fantastic price tag and will supply you with good value for money. You’ll decidedly be learning lots of new approaches to utilize your rice cooker. Modern-day rice cookers arrive in a diverse assortment of styles and colours.

Cleaning the cookers is a simple task contrary to other cookers in precisely the same budget. The rice cooker has a keep warm function that permits the food to stay at only the appropriate temperature until you’re prepared to eat. Rice cookers are extremely adaptable and can cook wide array of foods aside from simply rice. It’s possible to receive a very excellent rice cooker for well under $100, you can see examples on RiceCookerWorld.

The cooker also has the TPC system. The rice cooker isn’t a 1 trick pony. If it’s the case that you already understand how to use a rice cooker, you’ll discover these models far more versatile.

Both the cookers will be white, sushi, brown rice in addition to porridge for you. A pressure cooker isn’t enjoy a normal Saucepan. A kitchen ought to be most importantly, well designed and thought out. When you have a little kitchen, there are tricks in painting, lighting and basic design to create a little room appear bigger.

In any event both cookers are offered at a superb cost and both will supply you with good value for money. Should youn’t yet have a rice cooker, you might be interested in looking at Tips on purchasing The finest Rice Cooker. A dependable rice cooker may be used to cook not just rice, but a number of other stuff also.

Both have various features which have been designed to earn rice cooking as simple as possible. In addition, it has a helpful reheat feature that can be utilized to serve leftover rice and can help you save money in the future. The number of arsenic in a single serving of brown rice isn’t significant, but should you eat lots of it, you could develop an amount that may impact your wellness. Consequently, if you’re a solitary person or a couple you don’t require a big cooker unless you’re the social type who regularly has parties. A steamer tray or basket that can be used at precisely the same time you’re cooking rice. It isn’t as tough as you believe! It might not be a poor idea to invest in a few of excellent dorm room cookbooks with simple to prepare dorm room recipes.

Logitech’s New Tech

Logitech spent lots of R&D time and cash on its Romerg change, therefore it’s that it shock installs they are installed by them its top end boards. If you need the top end appearances without the top end cost, Logitech provides the G610 Orion, which functions Cherry MX switches, making it an excellent cheap mechanical keyboard.

Logitech migrated the layout of its spectrum that was G810 to the G610. It is considerably more inexpensive for the manufacturing company and ’s a simple means to keep picture consistency across the line.

Made from industrial grade plastic, it should readily manage a beating. It does’t miss from allure that is aesthetics either. The coordinated matte finish on the keys and the chassis provides a appearance to the whole board. Embedded on the top-left is Logitech’s symbol and yes, it does illuminate.

Crimson and Brown. They’re named to the colour of the Cherry MX change that comes installed on each according. We drew on the G610 Orion Red, which included the Cherry MX Red change.

Its actuation pressure that is gentle allows you to spam and is favored among players. A journey additionally makes when not totally depressed to the base Cherry MX Red more silent.

A row of media that is committed control keys are available right above the number pad in addition to the volume get a grip on scrollwheel that is outstanding. The tri- tremendous rubber pads aid level lift feet to seat the keypad securely in your desk. The windows important also can be quickly disabled by toggling the gaming mode” button that is “.

Although G610 does’t function N-Key Roll-Over (it h AS a considerable 26-crucial rollover), it functions 106-crucial anti-ghosting which shields against wrong or missing vital signs when mo-Re than one crucial is pressed. The 26-key rollover-protection is plenty of, since customers usually just come with ten fingers.

The Logitech Gaming Pc Software provides customers with a clear, simple to follow interface. A fully-showcased macro supervisor allows customers bind custom macros to the operate keys. Just several light effects can be found to the G610 like we stated before. Users can fix the LED’s brightness amounts and alter its routine between keystrokes, star, and wave.

Like its forerunner, the G61 doesn’t have an Universal Serial Bus pass through. Also absent is the committed G-key column of macros that are programmable; it continues to be combined with the operate row as an alternative.

It’s controlled to white, while the G610 does have back-lighting. The lights routine can be altered between some of presets. Because Cherry MX switches have their light-emitting diodes mounted offcenter alongside the bow, the lettering that was key must be displaced to take a seat together with the light-emitting diodes. This prospects to some awkwardly prints, specifically the Change keys.

Awesome Project Cars

The line between arcade and simulation has confused considerably throughout recent years. I am fairly certain it is because programmers have eventually got wise to the reality that infertile sim racers are only seldom much fun to play, however realistic the suspension tuning choices are. However , I presume it is also an issue of crowd appeal–the risk of having to be enjoyed by everyone. That makes it even more refreshing that programmer Mad studios has found a means to make simulation exciting only without compromising on its vision or cramming with fluff.

It is the most polished racer I Have played in some time, for sure. Mission AUTOS truly glows while contemporaries like Codemasters have fought to give a game worthy of the very up so far graphical anticipations with its F1 series. It is rather a recognizable lineup, with legendaries like Le Mans, Spa Francorchamps and Monte Carlo, however this is definitely the finest that any of these oft-raced tracks have looked on my PC. In addition, there are a couple of fictionalised point to point courses, one through the rugged Californian highlands, which looks spectacular under the setting sun through the magnificent Cote d’Azur and another. All the content comes reinforced with a day/night system and breathtaking dynamic weather that produces a number of the very realistic appearing rain I Have ever seen.

Job AUTOS has given me a serious challenge from get go. This really is an unforgiving, tough racer which requires ability and patience, particularly if you are using a gamepad. You can not simply sling your automobile into the apex and expect to wander out the other side unscathed. AUTOS is around learning each subject separately–examining it, mastering it.
It is simple to get caught off guard too, as Mad requires a unique way of its career mode by letting you open access to some of its many areas straight away. Events take place across a calendar, and every occasion is divided into several days with qualifying practice sessions as well as the big race .

From entry level karts and beyond in the worlds of Prototype and LMP, each area has its very own group of smaller tournaments and races you will advance through to earn contract options at teams that are more advanced. An extensive record of driving aids from braking and directing assist to traction control, problem tweaks and AI choices provide you with the choice to tailor your game to an impressive level, but it does not eradicate the issues completely.

However, the satisfaction I got from schedules that are clearly enhancing on track is unparalleled. My private forte was the F1000 series– a low powered open-wheel discipline exclusive to the UAE area of the Middle East. That delight gave me the desire to require other kinds that were racing and master them in a similar vein if a number of them might prove useless with a gamepad.

It is crystal clear that Mad understands what its hardcore crowd needs, and I am extremely happy that it stuck to its guns as a way to deliver it. Specially when your eyesight comes at the expense of broader crowd appeal that is quite uncommon today.

The Kerbal Space Program

I recall the very first time that I landed on Mun–planet Kerbin’s closest moon. It was on the rear of innumerable times where my layout, preparation or skill fell short; of several failures. One rocket would not be overly light, another overly ineffective, another overly volatile. I had mess up my touchdown, splattering my small astronauts that are green around the jagged craters in the moon; or I Had neglect to break out of the atmosphere of Kerbin completely, spinning them out into a watery grave.

Outside of forfeits and the innumerable defeats eventually arrived the reply. The successful rocket was nasty and ramshackle. It was the consequence of a hundred inelegant solutions to unforeseen difficulties. Afterward I took one little step on the surface, and landed.

I tell this story for the reason that it stays one of my best accomplishments in a match. It turned out to be a suitable accomplishment, also. Not a pat on the back prize, created to carry step-by-step improvement, but the successful conclusion of a challenging, self made goal. Kerbal Space Program is among the top games on PC the complete process–from failure, to revision, to trust, to euphoric end–cemented for me. It feels odd to be reviewing the game, that this occurred a couple of years ago is.

Odds are you already understood that, because it was initially released, in alpha software, back in 2011. Because of the potency of the core sandbox theory, its potential was obvious from the beginning. The additional tools and features of following patches have just reinforced the capability to provide on that first promise of total space program direction and performance of the game. It was amazing then, also it stays amazing now that it is upgraded to version 1.0 for an official release.

The most recent upgrade brings some major progress, but the game drastically changes. The important columns of KSP have been in place for some time now. It renovates heat simulation, aerodynamics and the flight model, bringing them closer in line with real world physics. This simulation is the key to what makes KSP powerful, and so it is fitting that its conclusion corresponds with all the suitable release.

The other add-ons result in pleasant extras. There are more boat parts, really new assignments kinds, female Kerbal astronauts, revised graphical effects, as well as a new ‘Engineer Report’ panel that informs about apparent mistakes in the building of a boat. In all, itis a strong upgrade, but it does not actually carry any sense of what it is that makes the game great.

Sandbox style is the purest distillation of the essence of KSP. In it, you’ve got complete accessibility and an infinite budget to the many boat parts of the game. Measure into the Automobile Assembly Building and you are given a listing of elements. What would you like to do? Well, go into space, likely. How? Rockets, er. There are multiple distinct parts in multiple distinct types, however you can make a rocket that is practical with just a couple of fundamental bits. Snap on a part and it appears. Transfer it towards a component that is formerly placed and it’s going to snap into place. You can rotate and counter components in case you’d like to get really fancy, or put multiple of the exact same bit symmetrically about the present build.

All done? Click on your building as well as the launching button is transferred to the launchpad. Now you are no longer the aviator, although the engineer. Your creation will wobble and tremble, but, so long as you have conformed to fundamental symmetry, will generally remain standing. What happens next will define which of a continuously expanding group of branching possibilities you will be sent tumbling down. Did you parachute in the exact same time, causing your boat to whirl wildly several feet off the earth and inadvertently activate your engine? Did you attach an engine with little push, from making it even a couple of inches into the atmosphere, thereby preventing your boat? Did you forget to match a parachute, compelling you to watch as your astronaut endures the inevitability of gravitation? Did you break out of the atmosphere?

When it is failure or success, what the results are during the launching equips you with new info regarding the best way to carry on. With every succeeding error, and each launch, you are compelled to reevaluate and react. You will learn to add the airflow to smooth, to use equilibrium help to dampen roll, to maximise fuel efficiency. to efficiently aviator through the first 70,000 meters in order As you discover bits essential to solving whatever problem that you face, that overwhelming record of elements begins to make sense.

Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Supernatural Detective, Paul Prospero’s job description, is not only amazing, it carries a double significance.

“This game is a narrative encounter that will not hold your hand.” This is actually the first thing you are told by The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. It feels like a small boast, also it is sort of accurate. There is just a simple opening to the first person experience, giving you the fundamental setup: Ethan Carter wrote Paranormal Paul a letter . As an example, it does not fabricate reasons for you to crouch or sprint in a tutorial section, like most games do. There are not quest arrows, without even seeing them, and if you are not careful you can walk right past whole narrative components. You can also solve the puzzles of the game out of order.

On the other hand, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter does not trust you completely. It’s going to bring your focus to the crankshaft on a stalled train, at which point the term Crank’s nose? Crank? Crank? Crank? Crank? Crank? Hold on. I believe I should locate… a crank? And crank it? Happy this match does not hold my hand. The purpose is, it tries very hard to make sure you do not lose anything while The Vanishing of Ethan Carter does not hold your hand in the conventional sense. Happily, it is well worth your time to not lose anything.

At times the words that are floating, occasionally directions, occasionally Paul’s own internal musings, are certainly essential. No, I likely would not have found a discolored spot of grass suggesting that an item, long inactive there, had lately been transferred.

Paul’s skills do not finish with tooltips floating above hints, instead, that is where they start. He is able to conjure up the events that resulted in the bloody tableau after reconstructing a homicide scene by locating and replacing several things. He sees them as a number of pictures: frozen holograms of phantoms, quiet and still, in various stages of the homicide. When you have located them all, by assigning them numbers you will have to place them in chronological sequence. Or did that occur afterwards?

After you have assigned the phantoms numbers, you can observe the whole scene unfold from beginning to end in a spectral replay, as long as you have ordered the scene right. It is a task that is enjoyable like directing a film without having seen the script. I discovered it absolutely thrilling the very first time that I finished one right, though sadly, it peaked with that first sequence. The last one being so clear, as well as the others are a little more clear-cut, there a smattering of such ghostly replays to handle it looks ridiculous to ask the player to number it. However, even when it is not difficult, it is great pleasure.

There are a few other kinds of puzzles too. I have seen these kinds of puzzles in games before, but they are really well made and meeting to solve here.

WWE 2k15

Unfortunately, this advice has seemingly done things that are unusual to Japanese developer Yuke‘s. After a 15-year delay, the expert grap-masters have eventually given to PC a super wrestling game… so long as you have a DeLorean on hand to whisk you back to last summer.

My main criticism was that its roll felt out of date when WWE 2K15 landed on games consoles in November. So it is just staggering this interface is indistinguishable to Xbox One variants and the PS4, both in and out of the ring. Case in point: present hot property Seth Rollins. Entry video, theme, and his ensemble all stem from his days in tag team The Shield–which go on June 2 this past year, all of 11 months past. This possibly could fly under radar were it not for the reality that Rollins is the reigning world champion of the firm.

Dean Ambrose is likewise kitted out with old Shield music in aged Shield garb. Fandango sashays down the aisle with blond dance partner Summer Rae in tow, regardless of the pair breaking up half a year past. Stardust remains called Cody Rhodes. The main point is the fact that regardless of how the wrestling itself–and for the large part, it is a load of pleasure–you never feel like you are playing with a game which matches the current WWE product. And after a decade-and-a-half spent clamouring for this particular string to hit on PC, that is a Brock Lesnar-weighty strike.

Wrestlers go and grapple with pleasing heft minding your orders to transition between reversals and holds. Try a move close to the ropes as well as your grappler goes his enemy nearer to the middle of the ring to create a followup fall effort simpler; ascend the turnbuckles as well as your competition discreetly transfers himself into location to take your move, in an intelligent and purposeful nod to the choreographed ballet of bruises that’s ‘actual’ WWE.

Not perfect are the chain wrestling minigames which go from smart to cloying by your dozenth competition and open each match, and a bungling fall machinist that leads to too many fights finished prematurely. But for the large part, this strikes a welcome balance between triumph-at-all-prices brawler and put on-a-show-in-the-procedure grappler.

It runs smooth for me with NVIDIA GeForce and a Heart i5 GTX 970. Yet, others have needed to decrease the amount of members in the group to attain a decent frame rate and report issues with lesser specs, so it is worth only a little research in this place before purchase. Also noticeable is a weird bug in which wrestlers (and referees!) It is an almost comical oversight on the dev’s part, although one would suppose this’ll be patched imminently.

You might have seen a topic in the associated screenshots to this review away, they are unmistakably guy-tastic. This is not me trying to fake that female grapplers do not exist; rather, it is as WWE Divas are incredibly restricted because your choices to play. Paige is omitted despite all other games console DLC being comprised in the cost (some yet to be released), and you also can not create female characters at all. ‘Course that you do. Nevertheless, you will not be doing it here.

This dearth of attention to detail beyond the ring is the thing that holds back WWE 2K15 from ‘must-buy’ status. 2K has welcomed modding and the omissions seeing business and Rollins will soon be rectified by the community, but it should not be up to me and you to bring it up to snuff. There is a lot of promise in this PC advent, yet it is not possible to play with it without always believing the number 15 in the title is just a year out of date.